While “wellness” wasn’t actually a word until the mid-twentieth century, it has become synonymous with overall health today.

Disease prevention is defined as efforts aimed at reducing the occurrence and severity of disease, while wellness is described as attitudes and activities which improve the quality of life and expand the potential for higher levels of functioning.

I believe that overall wellness is a balance between:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Moderate Consistent Exercise
  • Stress Management and Awareness
  • Deep Sleep
  • plus “My Favourite Things”


I look forward to sharing many of my “Favourite Things”

from my favourite food items to supplements to personal care products!  Look for updates!


One of my favourite Popcorns is “Buddha”

It is earth friendly (it’s organic), so it’s free of many of the chemical residues that exist on convention popping corn. Also, they air pop only the most tender kernels to limit unwanted fat and calories. They use either coconut, avocado oil or ghee. The oils are cold pressed without heat or chemicals keeping the essential nutrients intact. They then dust with Himalayan salt which I agree is the purest form of salt available.  https://lesserevil.com/shop/buddha-bowl-organic-popcorn/

One of my favourite breads is “Silver Hills”

Why choose sprouted grains? They are storehouses of good taste and good health. Sprouting is nature’s way of unlocking valuable nutrients, making them readily available and easily digested. Whole grains are seeds, tightly packed with vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients. Sprouting makes nutrients easier for our bodies to absorb while retaining all their nutrition and fibre.  https://silverhillsbakery.ca/products/

My favourite whole food supplement is “Juice Plus”

As a Holistic Nutritionist I had heard about Juice Plus whole food supplements and products for many years and was impressed by the science behind them but it was not until one of my children was diagnosed with Diabetes 1, nine years ago that I began adding Juice Plus to our diets.  Nine years later, the Juice Plus capsules continue to be one of the simplest things I add to my diet and my families diet that has the biggest impact on our overall health and energy.

My favourite sock and insole is “Voxx”

Voxx are wonderful insoles and socks that I was introduced to over a year ago and I personally wear daily. I have the insoles in all my running shoes and walking boots and I love to wear their socks.  As a Nordic Pole walker and instructor what I wear on my feet is very important to me. These products are said to reduce pain, increase strength and endurance, increase stability and balance and enhance range of motion.  For more information or to purchase a pair of insoles or socks, visit: https://voxxlife.com/


Ongoing updates:)