About Me

Shawn has been involved in Fitness and Nutrition for over 34 years ago. As a personal fitness consultant and former Fitness Director of the Aurora Highlands Golf and Country Club, Timberlane Fitness Centre and Tetra Pak Fitness Centre at the beginning of her career, Shawn gained a wealth of knowledge on how to improve your nutrition, fitness level and overall wellness. Later in her career Shawn added Holistic Nutrition to her knowledge base and that not only changed her personal health but also the health of those she continues to consult and mentor.  After working with hundreds of clients Shawn has gained the experience that allows her to share one of her greatest passions to date and that is “How to Age Gracefully”.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Shawn runs a very busy nutritional consulting business from her home where she meets with individuals one on one , with families or during phone consultations.  Shawn offers her clients nutritional advice along with exercise and lifestyle recommendations to improve their overall wellness.

Shawn also offers nutritional, health and wellness seminars to small groups in homes, community centres and church groups as well as co-operate businesses from York Region District School Board and the York Regional Police to the Catholic District School Board, Private Schools, Town of Markham, Bulk Barn, Winners Inc., Running Room and Running Free etc.  Topics can range from stress management to balancing your hormones to why diets don’t work and what does. For a full list of topics click here.

As a Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor

Shawn always taught walking classes but for the past 9 years Shawn has offered ongoing Nordic Pole walking clinics and walks in Aurora and surrounding areas.  Shawn also leads weekly Nordic Pole walks groups on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Aurora and evening walking groups from time to time. For more information click here.

As a Master Nordic Pole walking instructor for Canada, Shawn teaches Nordic Pole Walking Certification programs to those who would like to become Nordic Pole Walking Instructors or to those who love to Nordic Pole Walk and want to learn more about this wonderful sport.  For more information click here.

Some Professional Qualifications

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Certified Fitness Technician, Cardiac Technician and Nordic Pole Walking Master Instructor.

Personal qualifications

Shawn has been happily married for 31 years and a proud mother of 4 grown children who, as of this spring, have all graduated from their chosen Universities. One of Shawn’s greatest joy is sharing her passion for living life to it’s fullest and sharing her passion for overall health and wellness with everyone she meets. Improved health is a journey, not a destination, and Shawn enjoys sharing what she has learned to help others with their personal health journey.

Personal Story

Fitness and Overall Wellness have always played an important part in my life 

My favourite activity has always been walking and from a young age I enjoyed long walks with family, friends or alone.  As a  young girl, I skated for 7 years and danced into my early 20’s.  My passion for dance allowed me to enjoy teaching aerobic and dance classes for many years at the start of my career in the fitness industry.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s it was all about “no pain, no gain” and I enjoyed adding more hours to my training schedule.  During this time I was also given the opportunity to row as a Master Rower for Canada.  It was all about the exercise and my nutrition background at that time was limited to Canada’s Food Guide.  I would soon learn that nutrition and recovery are an important part of everyone’s life especially for those who exercise and or train hard. After years of exercise and ignoring the signs and symptoms of over training I was challenged with 3 auto-immune diseases from Sjogren’s disease to Ulcerative Colitis then Crohn’s.

My Healing Journey

I knew there was more to nutrition then the 4 food groups and that my intake of sugar to increase my energy may not be that healthy but it took me many years of discomfort to make healthier changes.  I made small changes in my diet and supplementation and as a result felt “small” changes.  It was not until I finally enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition I was able to learn what was necessary to make the proper changes in my health that began the reversal of the many ignored signs and symptoms that I had been ignoring for years.  It felt amazing to finally be on what I now call a “Healing Journey” that allowed me to reverse symptoms such as: a  low thyroid, anemia, Osteopenia, cluster headaches, skin and digestive issues to all 3 auto-immune diseases as mentioned above.  Through improved nutrition and lifestyle habits I have been symptom free for many, many years and feel stronger today than I did years ago.

These challenges have allowed me to become the Holistic Nutritionist that I am today and able to appreciate everyone’s healthy journey with empathy and optimism about the role that food has as medicine in all of our lives.