Nordic Pole Walking Instructor

Certification Course


Location:            St. Andrews Valley Golf Club

 4 Pinnacle Trail, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3K3

Date:                     Fall Course TBA

Time:                    8:30 am. – 4:30 pm

Instructor:         Shawn Nisbet, Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor


NPW Course ($195.00) + Nordixx Pole ($46.95.) and Course Package plus HST = $273.40 incl HST.

The NPW Course includes: Power Point Presentation, Practical Instruction & Course Package.

The Course Package includes: The NPW Instructional CD, NPW Handouts, plus a set of Global Walker poles, the NPW Instructors Test and NPW Diploma upon completion.

Who is the Nordic Pole Walking Instructor Certification Course designed for?

The NPW Instructors Certification Course is designed for those who are curious about this form of exercise for their own personal knowledge and growth or to those who want teach and/or share the Nordic Pole walking technique with others.

  • Nordic Pole Walking is an excellent all-year exercise that can add value to Fitness and Health Centres existing programs.
  • NPW certification adds value to the resume of Fitness Instructors and/or Personal Fitness Trainers.
  • NPW certification will assist Health Care Providers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Doctors reach more patients with a safe and effective form of low impact exercise. That is safe with prove results based on scientific studies.
  • NPW certification will help you meet the needs of our seniors. You will learn how NPW is beneficial to those with chronic conditions, those recovering from injuries & physical limitations and also how it aids those with balance limitations.
  • NPW certification programs will teach you how to design all year programs that will enhance your Walking & Running group programs.
  • NPW certification will add value and interest to community “Mall Walking Programs”
  • NPW certification will teach you how to incorporate Nordic Walking into School-based health and fitness programs for all grades.
  • NPW certification will add value to retail operators like Health Food Stores, Drug Stores and Athletic Stores when they offer NPW classes or clinics led by certified NPW instructors.
  • NPW certification will add an excellent form of low-impact exercise to those who are already walking as part of their hobby like Bird Watchers, Social Walkers, Orienteering Groups and Nature Walkers.
  • NPW certification will enhance Cooperate Health Programs with a low-impact exercise that all employees can take part in regardless of age and fitness level. Certified instructors can lead lunchtime walks with your employees to enrich your existing Employee Health Programs.

Content of the Nordic Pole Walking Instructor Certification Course

  • Physiology, Anatomy and Bio mechanics
  • Medical Health Benefits.
  • Overview of Clinical Research to date (there are over 350 clinical studies to date)
  • Biomechanics of Nordic Pole Walking.
  • Analyzing the walking technique and corrections.

Practical Section of the Nordic Pole Walking Certification Course

  • Planning and conduction your Nordic Pole Walking Group
  • Methodical steps to teach the NPW – technique.
  • Instructional and Motivational Techniques.
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting walking techniques and giving corrections
  • Practice of methodical corrections
  • Variations of workout intensity / physiological effects
  • Proper instruction of warm-up and cool-down exercises for Nordic Walking
  • Proper instruction of muscular conditioning exercises with Nordic Poles

Nordic Pole Walking as part of a Holistic Way of Life

  • The benefits of exercise to the human body
  • How non-impact exercise plus proper nutrition, adequate sleep and stress management are a wonderful recipe for Optimal Health.
  • How to set up individual walking programs for yourself and others.

Nordic Pole Walking as a Business

  • As a certified NPW Instructor you will qualify to purchase Nordixx poles and equipment at wholesale prices for resell to your clients and friends at suggested retail price.
  • As a certified NPW instructor you will be able to design you own Nordic Pole Walking Program
  • As a certified NPW instructor you will learn how to market, promote your business and sell equipment
  • As a NPW Instructor you will have sources of ongoing support within the Nordic Pole Walking Family
  • As a certified NPW Instructor you will have access to resources and websites like www.Nordixx.com
  • As a NPW Instructor you will learn the NPW Technique that was designed by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck. Klaus Schwanbeck is the author of the number 1 Ranked Walking Book on Amazon’s bestseller list since 2008, “The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book”.


8:15 – 8:30 am                  Registration

8:30 – 9:00 am                 Welcome & Introductions

9:00 – 10:00 am               History of Nordic Pole Walking Canada

Nordic Pole Walking Canada Power Point Presentation

Questions & Answers

10:00 – 12:00 pm             NPW Demonstration and Outdoor Practical Session

NPW Technique – Steps 1 – 3 (Teaching and correction tips)

(Dress for the weather because this section is outside)

12.00 – 12:30 pm              Lunch

(Bring your own lunch or order from St. Andrews Golf Club coffee shop)

12:30 – 2::30 pm              NPW Demonstration and Outdoor Practical Session

NPW Technique 4 & 5  (Teaching and correction tips)

2:30 – 3:30 pm                 Review, NPW Instructors Certification Quiz, Quiz Results & Short Break

3:30 – 4:30 pm                 Helpful Hints to market your new NPW Business

Question and Answers


Things to Bring:               Paper, pen, calculator (optional), lunch, snacks, water and a positive attitude

Things to Wear:               Comfortable clothing & running shoes.                                    

                                              If sunny bring a hat and wear layers.

                                              If rainy bring water proof attire, a hat and an extra pair of socks.

For more information just contact Shawn at: info@shawnnisbet.com